Shuttle Mini-Press - Early Closed Chain Rehabilitation
The Mini-Press provides for early intervention and exercise.  Amoung the exercises are:

Hip Extension


The Mini-Press is equally at home on the floor, table, bed or tethered to a wheelchair

Knee Extension -
Leg Press

Weighing only 18 lbs, yet providing up to 100 lbs. of resistance, the Mini-Press is easily portable.
Dimensions: 36" L x 12" W x 6" D                Weight: 18 lbs.            Resistance:  0-100 lbs.              Warranty:  1 year                  Price:  $895.00
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Shuttle MiniPress
Provides for early intervention and exercise for lower & upper body with resistance adjustable to 80 lbs.
Adjustable angle foot/hand plate
Wheels for easy transport
Elasticords for adjustable resistance