Isolation Belt
  Isolation Belt (included with Elite)    
allows for hands free coordinated activities
Adjustable Position Wobble Board
for on-plane unstable exercises
Pulley System
Pulley System  (included with Elite)
for combination exercises & PNF patterns
(and it provides for a great unattended hamstring stretch)
                              $195.00                                                      $131.50 (includes adapter)
Shuttle MVP Pro
$6199.95 List
plus selected options
Call for low price!

Shuttle MVP Elite
$6399.95 List
25% more resistance plus

Call for low price!
Moderate assembly required


MVP Specifications
            Length               Weight  .               Warranty              Shipping            Resistance
Pro        109"                200 lbs.
                 2 years                    UPS                  500 lbs
Elite      109"             200 lbs.                     2 years                    UPS               700 lbs.
MVP Accessory Options