Shuttle MVP Plyometrics
Shuttle MVP Pro & Elite 
Run faster, Jump higher......experience  overspeed plyometrics!
Shuttle MVP Elasticords
Shuttle MVP pulley option
What are overspeed plyometrics?
Quite simply, the elasticords accelerate the user faster then gravity could.  Yet with the soft, shock absorbing, yet firm and stable kickplate, minimal forces are transmitted to the ankle, knee and back, without the risk of ligament damage due to an unstable landing surface.
Need a leg press?
With 12 elasticords, the Shuttle MVP Pro performs beautifully as a functional leg press
Need more?  With 16 elasticords, the MVP Elite offers 700 lbs. of resistance!
Every year around this time I like to write and keep you updated on our NFL Combine Training and how integral the Shuttle 2000-1 and MVP have been to our training protocols.

"This year we had 5 first round draft picks and they all recorded the
highest vertical jumps of their respective careers.  Four of the five recorded the fastest 40 yard times of their careers.  One player in particular showed tremendous improvement.  He moved from a projected third round pick to a first round selection.  He improved his verticle leap from 28" to 34" while also increasing his weight from 250 to 274 lbs. I honestly have to credit the Shuttle for the bulk of his improvement in the verticle jump...nothing replaces jumping like jumping, especially in a loaded horizontal plane with minimal joint forces."
                                Warren Anderson
                                MS, CSCS
MVP features
Pro       500 lbs. resistance................   in 25 lb. increments
Elite      700 lbs. resistance...............   in 25 lb. increments