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LiteGait and Walkable
The leader in Posture Control Partial Weight Bearing (PWB) & Balance Therapy Systems
LiteGait & Walkable are therapy devices used to promote the generation of normal walking patterns by controlling weight bearing, balance and posture during walking therapy.

Gait & Walkable are useful with:

-  Spinal Cord Injury           -  Amputation
-  Stroke                           -  Chronic Pain
-  Head Injury                    -  Orthopedic Problems
-  Cerebral Palsy               -  Balance Issues
-  Multiple Sclerosis           -  Arthritis
Litegait 350 with 1800S treadmill
LiteGait 400 with Gaitkeeper Treadmill

This adult model is designed for users up to 400 lbs.  500 lbs. also available.

The Gaitkeeper is specifically designed to carry heavy loads and low speeds, and is sized appropriately for use with all Lite
Gait & Walkable's.
Walkable 100
Walkable 100  (WK100) with Gaitkeeper Treadmill

This pediatric unit is designed for users up to 100 lbs.

In response to your requests, we now offer this unit with an 18" battery operated lifting mechanism (MX100)

A wide variety of units are available with capacity up to 500 lbs, and can be seen on the Mobility Research Web Site
MX adjustable
And they are not for gait training only!