VibraFlex    Tilting Platform    Whole Body Vibration Therapy & Exercise

Large Stable Handlebars
Frequency Display
Timer Display
Variable Controls
    -  amplitude
    -  frequency 5 hz to 30 hz
    -  time
Patented "Teeter-Totter" design
      for reciprocal vibration pattern
Emergency Stop
Removable Key
Manual & programmed modes
Chip Programmable Option
Grid Marked Platform
Benefits of the Galileo and VibraFlex:

Pain reduction\elimination

Exercises and/or redevelops the postural muscles, joints and reflexes after disease or injury

Improves muscle strength, reflexes and joint motion (range of motion)

Proven to increase strength and performance of trained athletes

Galileo exercise results in better muscle mass, tone and body composition

Proven to improve bone mass and density.  Improved bone mass 27% in post menapausal women

Reduces the pain and disability associated with Osteoarthritis

Allows patients with Parkinson's disease to benefit from exercise that can slow the progress of the disease

Strenghtens pelvic floor muscles of patients with incontinence, VMO for patellar tracking

Improves circulation for people with Diabetes.  Effective for Diabetic Neuropathy, or any neuropathy, including drug induced

Injury Prevention: A great warm up before strenuous activity

Increases balance and decreases fall risk in elderly patients.

Ellicits "Reflexed Induced Standing" for users with stroke, spinal cord injury, CP and more

Increases testosterone (7%) and growth hormone (460%) while decreasing cortisol (32%)

Use between intense sets increases performance on individual exercises. (A great way to flush bio-waste and lactic acid)

With the ability to generate a frequency in the 20-27 Hz range, the result is activation of the involuntary contractions.  At 25 Hz, the Galileo 2000 produces 1500 repetitions per minute, and therefore a very strong training effect.  The result of the muscle contractions is an increase in muscle strength and tone.  Both inter- and intra-muscular coordination is improved.  Additional strength benefits can achieved by wearing weight belts, dumbbells, etc. during the session.  The Galileo's effect on muscles is similar to other powered devices, such as treadmills and bicycles.

As the user changes postural position, or contracts muscles,  the effect of the vibration and contractions can be targeted to various areas, i.e, low back, quads, soleus, gastrocs, hamstrings, groin, adductors,  pelvic floor muscles, VMO, etc. 

And users\patients just love it!  Many clinicians use it daily themselves.  It promotes an intense workout in a brief time, without the downside of muscle soreness after exercise.  It's a great way to start and finish your day. 
Galileo in Nashville at 04 Combined Sections
"No one is so sick or so fit as to not benefit from the Galileo & VibraFlex."
VibraFlex Rx
Winner - Best New Product, 2006 PGA Merchandise Show