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Walkable and MX100
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Shuttle MVP for rehabilitation and explosive performance.  The ultimate in performance enhancement.
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your source for physical therapy, rehabilitation and performance enhancement equipment.

Specializing in equipment and services providing unique benefits and results, all our equipment is high quality and results oriented.
Whether your need is Partial Weight Bearing Therapy for CP, Downs, Stroke and more, or enhanced performance for the elite athlete, we endeavor to bring you the best.  Most of our products "crossover" between physical therapy for the injured or aged and improving performance regardless of your current capabilities.  We also have the Galileo, the newest sensation in oscillation exercise & rehabilitation.  Somewhat akin to whole body e-stim without the "E", our physical therapy users are reporting wonderful results in treating pain, MS, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciits.  Neurological improvement is almost immediate, and a great boon for the elderly in improved balance for fall prevention. 

             If you have a special need, please by sure and contact us.
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Enagic Leveluk Series
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            Kangen Water
Give your body a fighting chance!
* Anti-oxidizing
* Alkalizing
* Detoxifying
* Super Hydrating
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Body: Heal Thyself